Recommendation of our Customers

I highly recommend Carla Encarnacion in your search for housing. She was very professional, helped me negotiate a good price and I’m happy with a lovely new home to lease.

Contact:   093 905 5399.

Recommended by Cherie Rose

Carla was great at helping us find the rent house we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted. It took some time but she was very patient. She helped with every step.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Eddie Moore

Carla has been wonderful at helping us find our new apartment. It took her 24 hours to find the apartment with all the characteristics we were looking for and helped us negotiate a price according to our budget. I contacted some other real estate agents and no one was that willing to help as she was. I highly recommend her if you are looking for your ideal place to live.

Contact information: 093 905 5399.

Recommended by Paola

I had been looking for a rental for about 6 weeks. I wanted a specific area and the dwelling had to be perfect. I was at wits end until I met this lovely lady named Carla. She works with Clegsa. Speaks English well. We communicated by email. When I finally agreed to look at one of her properties, it was love at first sight. The place was beautiful; everything I had hoped for. I know she put a lot of work and days into finding my paradise. She is very good with clients. She will not let you down, Don’t forget her name, Carla Encarnacion Gonzaga
Contact her soon.

Address: Cuenca area

Contact information: 093 905 5399

Recommended by Roger

I highly recommend you contact Carla if you are searching for a new rental. She was very professional, quick with recommendations that suited my “wish list” and then helped me negotiate a fair price and lease terms. I am very happy with her professional service.

Contact: 093 905 5399. Cuenca.

Recommended by Gail

I highly recommend Carla. She found me an excellent place to stay within my budget and I love it. Thank you so much Carla.

Address: Clegsa Real estate, Cuenca, Ecuador, Cuenca.

Contact information: 093 905 5399.

Recommended by M Roesink

We found a lovely unfurnished home to rent with the help of Carla Encarnacion, who patiently showed us different houses, then helped us negotiate a fair rent. She is paid by the owners, so no charge to us for her help, plus she is helping us locate the furnishings we need. Carla is hardworking and responsive, speaks enough English to communicate, and worked well on our behalf. I am grateful for her assistance.

Contact information:   093 905 5399.

Recommended by Barbara Snow

I recommend Carla for any type of project you have. She is effective, dynamic, and very considerate with customers, super-fast in the search for what you need.

I’m grateful to Carla and I will not hesitate to contact her for other business.

Contact information: 093 905 5399 / 593 99 258 6375

Recommended by Pedro Mejia

I found an ad on GringoPost for a house to rent that looked like what I wanted. After I responded, Carla replied promptly with the details. Turns out it was out of town a ways. We have no car. We had to decline. Within hours Carla contacted me with another house located almost in El Centro.

Carla quickly met with us for a viewing. My wife and I got to see it before it was listed. It was perfect. She introduced us to the owners whose English was about as good as our Spanish. Carla translated. She produced the contracts on the spot in both languages while we visited.

For Cuenca real estate, contact Carla. She will work hard to find your perfect property. Friendly, professional, and thorough.

Contact information: 093 905 5399.

Recommended by Russ Bath


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  • is to avoid the rush and make a very thoughtful investment.
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